High Quality Reliable On-Site Computer&Networking Service !

We are a Information Technology Company provide wide range of sale & services ,No matter what size your company are, even home network and individual white box computer, our Experienced Professional Technicians provide excellent On Site service at a competitive price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


 Local Area Networking(LAN) and Wide Area Network(WAN) Services.

    1. Network Cabling and implement,Intranet connectivity. ADSL,Cable,T1,T3 High speed Internet share.
    2. Workgroup Mode upgrade to Domain Mode, Data immigration.
    3. Network Traffic Analyse, Network security inspection, Trouble shooting&Optimization.
    4. TCP/IP Network Configuration  Network equipment/services reconfigure(DNS, DHCP, RRAS,WINS, RIS. VPN IIS,Proxy ).
    5. Network Security inspection, consultation, configuration.
    6. Active directory trouble shooting. Domain management.
    7. WiFi installation and WEP Security Encryption setting.
    8. Website design and updates .
    9. We can also configure your email system to receive internet mail and setup intranet servers for an internal corporate website.

Computer Server & workstation & individual host Services.

    1. Operation System, Application software, Driver installation, maintenance and remove.We provide free estimates on upgrading your system.
    2. Computer User setting, Data and outlook e-mail immigration.
    3. VBA password remove,user password recovery, Data recovery(some condition apply)
    4. Home network cabling, connecting, high speed internet and document printing share, firewall and router configuration.
    5. Computer Hardware and Software confliction detect and resolve.
    6. Spyware, virus detect and remove. System and application data backup/restore.
    7. System Optimization.

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  •    Hundreds of new worms and spywares are found everyday.Any computers exposing on the internet are facing a high risk of be attacked and hacked! Don't warranty! We are Network and Computer professional We provide high end service to protect your privacy and your asset! EBN offers access times as low as 1 hour to minimize the expense of the problem. Give us a call or send a e-mail to our TechnicalSupport